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Testimonials from SITH® Classes India

This is not a question but a testimonial for physical rebalancing. I am a Doctor, Radiologist by profession. I am continuously looking at monitors all through my working hours and because of that I developed this really bad neck pain. I have already taken the SITH® Business Ho oponopono class before, so I was already cleaning. I was always going in and out of physiotherapy every month to get some relief for the pain. I started doing the physical rebalance and did not expect anything but was honestly doing it for fun thinking I am rebalancing my trinity.
Within a week my pain disappeared completely and earlier the back of my neck was so sore to even touch….now, it is back to normal and I haven’t done anything else and I noticed the change because I had an appointment with the physiotherapist and i was reminded from their office for my monthly visit , but for the first time after a looooong time I had forgotten about the pain coz its not there anymore and even now, when i forget to do it for a week I can still feel a lil bit of the pain coming back and now I have made it my routine. I thank the divinity for such wonderful gift.
Thank you, I love you
I want to share one of my experience that took place after the Business class that was held on 10 and 11th June 2023.
My husband was able to complete 40%of his annual target within a span of 20 days of the Business class. One of the accounts he was working on for 9 months with no luck and a lot of bumps. He got that deal signed. And he said, it was the easiest closure meetings he had ever conducted.
I may never know how to thank Divinity and the people who made it possible to bring such classes to India.
Thanks to everyone for their cleaning.
Always in Gratitude 🙏🏻
“The Pillar of the Peace of I”
I had registered my property for the upcoming business class as WWA
Even before the class I’ve received the legal clearance for the property that I’ve been trying for three years
I’m totally blown away because this is my first experience registering a WWA
This is amazing. As I registered for the class within 2 to 3 days I got my money back from a Jeweler who was kinda cheating me & also a huge shift happened in a legal case I am involved in, I hope this cleans further on my money & business. Thank you
Magic is the word for it. And the best thing is that it made me feel so powerful and independent, because everything is within me, and that which is out of my control, I can simply clean on it and rest stress free. Thank you! I love you 🙂
One of the most amazing programs. I am so honored and so much in gratitude for an opportunity to learn Ho’oponopono and getting opportunities to clean and get cleaned.
It was very exciting to join the Lecture! It was amazing to hear from Kamaile and from everybody there! Thank you for the opportunity!! Peace of I!
Thank you! Always a beautiful way to clean the subconscious of our Eons together….Thank you!
I am so elated that something so close to my heart is taking roots in India too. Ho’oponopono is a way of life!
The workshops are so so amazing and quite literally life altering. So glad to be part of it!!

Testimonials from SITH® Classes Worldwide

From a SITH® Student

Alohà. I have practiced Ho’oponopono since 2010 And I started to take a SITH® class in the 2015. I have many experiences to share.. really.. but I want to share my last miracle that happened this morning. This morning when I opened my eyes I felt a memory of poverty. Well… I started to clean my thinking about: “i don t have money” “God left me”, etc I started to clean…. In that moment I said to the “I” “Please help me.” Not with tears or bad emotions just “help me” And I continued to apply my tools, just to be at peace. In that Moment i heard a voice “please don t be a victim and stop crying and open your bank account and check! I did…but my first bank account doesn’t have anything. And this voice said “NOT THAT, YOUR NEW BANK ACCOUNT” I have a new bank account of 2 week) I said mentally “ok Sorry God AHAHAHAH” And i check… And i see a 200 euros.. I said “oh my God! It Is unbelievable “My friend wrote me this morning and said “I choose to send a gift for you “ But the real Miracle Is not the money itself… God gave me the inspiration in the Perfect Moment! And We never know what happens. And every Act of cleaning can transmute any situation beyond our consciousness. Thank “I” to take Care of Us…when we choose to say “i love you” instead of “I’m alone” Thank you I love you.
From an October 2021 Basic I review student

“I would like to share my experience from having in my hands, the Basic I Manual, that every time I go out to the street or somewhere, I feel that I should take it with me and not only that, but I have gone to places and with people that I have never I imagined I would ever meet. In one occasion when I went to solve a paper issue and took the opportunity to buy some items, I ended up forgetting the envelope in which the Manual was, when I was about to take a taxi to return home. With the surprise that I did not have the envelope with me, I felt a tremendous scare that I had already lost my Manual, which is the most VALUABLE thing that I have, I returned to the places where I went and Thanks to Divinity, the lady had kept it for me . I think it must have been necessary for me to clean that place, and that is why I forgot the Manual there. Thank you, I love you”
From a SITH® Student

Is it really you?” Ten years ago I went to my first S.I.T.H. ® class. At the time it had been ten years since I had spoken to my mother. I don’t really know why we stopped talking, it just happened. When I look back on who I was then, I see a big block of white marble; cold, rigid, hard, burdened by the weight of memories. After my first class my life started moving. I followed the directions in the manuals and the marble started chipping away. One day I picked up the phone and called my mother! My hand just dialed the numbers and I didn’t know what to say. “Hi Mom.” “Is that really you?” “Yes, I’m sorry,” and we just started talking. Whatever happened, it was smoothed out. Now we talk almost everyday! We spend hours on the phone. We live on opposite sides of the USA but we practice qigong together on video. She’s really funny and very interesting, and I clean non-stop while we talk. I keep chipping away at the little things. Maybe a phrase she’s repeated my whole life. If something bugs me, I take note of it and clean it on the spot. The other day she looked different, younger and so beautiful, a real shift had taken place. I can’t say I’ve done this alone, my relationship to myself has also improved. I learned to be a good mother to my inner child. The closer I am to my inner child, the closer I get to my mother. It’s a profound path to go from indifference to an open heart. Divinity is such a fine sculptor, never wandering from the task at hand, with a vision beyond the mote stuck in my eye; the mother and child, perhaps that is the maquette Divinity has chosen to reveal, that I am only an infant in my unveiling, and a finer sculpture is waiting patiently under all the memories still yet to chip away.
From an Aug 2021 student

“I want to thank all of you for cleaning…. And share my experience in this particular case. Before this Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono® Business Ho’oponopono class, 1,000.00 euros came into my life of the person I least expected (my mother) by surprise and gradually resuming contact after several years. But after taking the class, and also unexpectedly, the administration forgives a debt to my husband for a total of 4,100.00 euros. (The managers of the company related to this debt, call me to inform me, and convey the surprise that they had never seen or encountered a similar situation) I still have debts, but I love these debts, I love every situation and I can feel at Peace knowing that the Divinity is in charge. Every time I am surprised and at the same time excited to feel so close to this process! It is always an investment, be it material or emotional, to take Self-I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono® classes! I wish you, your family, relatives and ancestors, peace beyond all understanding. The Peace of I.”
“100 Years of Sweetness”

“I opened the door to leave my apartment, there in the hallway was my neighbor with a pile of moving boxes, I applied my tools and said, “Oh, I see you’re moving.” She said, “yes,” and continued on her way. I’ve known my neighbor for almost 10 years and as much as I’ve tried to be friendly with her, we’ve been amiable, but never friends. I cleaned a lot with my experience of my neighbor over the years; I cleaned her job, her car, her route to work and back home again, I cleaned a lot on our doormats; our doors were at a 90° angle to each other. It was a bit of a tight space in the corner at the end of the hall. For many years I cleaned on wanting to move out, sometimes because of her, but even though I cleaned I still am living in the same place. As I cleaned with her move, and her dog, and her cat, and the people that came to help her, and the fact that she had really cheap rent in the city but was still going to move, I had to stop myself from butting in and trying to help her or give her suggestions. I just needed to leave her alone. That’s the cool thing about the cleaning, it kind of keeps you occupied so you don’t bug other people and you can let them be themselves and go on their way. The day came for her to leave and I found out that the neighbor next to her was going to move as well in the same month, and then my other neighbor texted me and asked me if I wanted a donut. Whew. I said okay and she brought me a chocolate donut with coconut sprinkles on it; as we ate our donuts together she asked me if we could trade parking spaces and that sounded okay to me, I didn’t have a car. And by her moving her car it opened up her parking space which is number 8, the infinity sign, and made it easier for us to access a little mini garden we had built in the back of our building. It was like a gateway opened. It was getting close to the time of my neighbor leaving in the moving truck, but at that time I was participating in an online Ho’oponopono class. I wanted to say goodbye but I didn’t turn away from the class because I knew that I was completely and totally in the right place. I was doing my cleaning and that’s all I needed to do, I didn’t have to have the last word and say goodbye. The result of the cleaning. My neighbor gave me a box of chocolates as a thank you for being the “best neighbor ever.” When I opened the box of chocolates, underneath the lid were the words, 100 years of sweetness, the chocolate company’s slogan. It brought a tear to my eye, I don’t know what was cleaned between the two of us but it ended sweetly and that’s the gift of Self I-dentity through Ho’oponopono. “
From a student in one of the May 2021 classes:

“ALOHA! After taking the SELF I-DENTITY through HO’OPONOPONO® class….. I began my cleaning with the manual and the tools, one day I woke up feeling very well, my blood pressure normalized, before the class, it did not go down with anything, they had declared me with uncontrollable blood pressure, symptoms that I had before like cold in my hands and they went numb, suddenly gone. I also felt tachycardia, it also disappeared. Today I even eat the vanilla ice cream that I couldn’t before and I feel very good, I feel a lot of peace inside. also had triggered a series of allergies to food and disappeared. I could hardly eat anything, today like the fish that inflamed my eyes and my hands, and today at this very moment I can eat it without fear because it disappeared and there is no trace of inflammation when eating it. I do my cleaning before, during and after. I feel a lot of peace within me, it is very beautiful and there are no words to describe it. My husband was always angry about everything, he hardly speaks anymore, now everything seems fine to him. My husband’s youngest son, 16 years old, from another marriage, had Diabetes for 12 months. Last week, he called his father, my husband, telling him that the doctor took the medicine from him because he no longer needed it because his diabetes was healed. A well-known person also called me and told me that his husband, who had diabetes and high blood pressure, feels very good and his diabetes has normalized. The other day my girl called me to say that my 6-year-old grandson gave him a very strong pain and they went to the hospital, I started cleaning and they ended up stinking from the hospital without seeing the doctor because he no longer had the pain. I clean all the time the expectations that may arise at every moment. Thanks from my heart and soul to The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos, to Morrnah Simeona, Ihaleakala Hew Len, and all authorized SELF I-DENTITY through HO’OPONOPONO® instructors…. The Peace of “I”.”
A testimonial from the May 2021 Madrid, Spain online class

“I share my testimony with you. I am an old ho’oponopono practitioner, I’ve learned from what is in the web. One day, watching an interview that someone made to you, that’s when the idea came to me so I expressed my desire to participate in a SITH Class and you offered me all the possible ways to attend a class. I continued cleaning and a few days before closing the date, an interested party appeared in the purchase of a house that he inherits (in the midst of a pandemic and with the economic situation of the country, we had that property detained without news) Take the “interested” as a sign that the cleaning was working so I redoubled the cleaning by internally promising that as soon as an economic improvement emerged, the first thing I would do would be to sign up. The interested party became a reservation and from there it became a sign. and from sign to sell. The same day that I collected the money for the sale I signed up. and from there an infinity of painful memories arose that in a normal situation would have stressed me out. I cleaned and let go while everything was sorted out. As an example, family fights. Covid in close people, death of my mother, procedures and procedures in preventive isolation. But all that happened was going away. I saw how my memories were that appeared to be able to clean them There was a Cleaning Team that made the memories that appeared and erased kept me in a peace that I cannot describe Good. In the week before the class started, the sale of the house was made. The day I went to complete the final operation, 5 minutes after leaving home, I received the materials for the class. I felt that it was a gift from the Divine saying that everything was correct and perfect. So it was. Although I did not open the Manual or the Tool Menu until the day of the class, I knew that they were cleaning. Well. the last one that happens the night before the class. At 9pm Argentine time something told me that I had to check again. The mind said but you have everything ready! But the little voice insisted .. look at the links. the materials and everything was fine. But the voice in me insisted. Look closely There I check the schedule…. 1 pm Spanish time. I was convinced that it would be 5:00 pm in Argentina … wow. Check, ask and even consult you .. and yes. It was not 5pm on Saturday. it was 8 am !!! The mind made the last move to lose the opportunity but my child warned me … This testimony is prior to taking the class. I am still processing the experience. About the class and my idea of what I thought Ho’oponopono was, I would recommend that everyone who “knows”, as I thought I “knew”, take the opportunity and take a class. Thank you, I love you.”
A testimonial from a World Wide Absentee Student that registered a hospital for a class

“This testimonial is about a WWA student named Bellevue Hospital in New York City. Bellevue Hospital is the oldest Hospital in the United States founded in 1736. It came up for the cleaning on behalf of my new business. I was very excited about selling my first product, then I found out it was going to be sent to Bellevue Hospital to a young person that was committing herself into the mental ward. It was that moment when I realized that I wasn’t in business to do anything but to clean. And so I sat with this situation and cleaned, it feels like sitting in traffic sometimes, nothing moves. What is the result of the WWA? An aspect of my business is on air, it is located on a radio station broadcasting out of New York City and New Jersey. The show was featured on the internet, but traffic has moved aside and now it has a time slot on live radio! What are we broadcasting at any moment; life or death, memory or inspiration? I clean with whatever I’m broadcasting, whatever is in tune or out of tune I can tune up with the cleaning. I’m always starting with me and applying Ho’oponopono to whatever I’m broadcasting out. What an easy way to let go of the ties I have with Bellevue Hospital. Bellevue Hospital in many ways is its own radio station, it has many programs running on one signal. Now that it has given me the opportunity to clean perhaps whatever Bellevue Hospital is broadcasting will also be lined up and in tune too. Thank you for the cleaning.”
From a World Wide Absentee student

“Thank you for the WWA service. I was inspired to sign up the New York State Fairgrounds as a SITH® student after I cleaned on my experience of my Mother getting a vaccine shot at their main building. What came up was that my Mother was getting the shot just so I could clean with the land. Wow Mom! I didn’t tell her what I was doing I just signed up the New York State Fairgrounds on the SITH® site and kept cleaning. My Mom reported back to me that she was so impressed by how smooth her day went. She said the timing of everyone there was in perfect rhythm, like a marble tower. Everyone just rolled in and out of the experience like marbles…and so we just keep rolling through the situation too. Thank you so much, not only did the cleaning move me and my Mom, it moved everyone else, including the land and everything known and unknown. Peace of I. “
Recent note from another IZI LLC sponsors SITH March 2021 online class

“First, as a person who has worked with computers and the internet since 1982, I want to commend you on your exceptionally well organized presentation of the class with a digital slide presentation on an internet platform. I was very impressed with the calm, clear and steady presentation of the materials and teaching aids. Thank you so much for making it a smooth and satisfying experience.”
Recent notes from an IZI LLC sponsors SITH® March 2021 online class

From a SITH® student: “Aloha…..Beautiful weekend. The Class was Wonderful. It had a loving Rhythm….. and I learned a lot as always. Reaffirm the cleaning, and I Fell More in Love with Ho’oponopono 12-Step Process. Excellent staff. . You and the 2 Great Instructors. Thank you…. Peace in you, family, relatives and Ancestors Always.” From a SITH® student: “Each seminar leaves new learnings, my inner family more united, my beautiful lighter child. Identifying memories, cleaning and seeking emptiness is becoming more and more natural. Thank you I love you.” From a SITH® student: “Thanks!!!! I love you I love you. I Love you. Beautiful Class. I am grateful to… all the people who accompanied. I’m happy. Thanks Ho’oponopono. I Love you” From a SITH® student: “Simply Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your cleaning and for the beautiful seminar this weekend …. thank you! I Love you”
Regarding the World Wide Absentee

“Dear Ones, Words cannot duly express my gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the World Wide Absentee Registration. I am in complete awe of the continued graciousness of IZI LLC to provide such a gentle, caring, and easy service to soften the load of my mind. There is no one but me to hold hands with when it comes to solving problems. There is no clearer path to help me, help myself, then Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono. As my pen runs out of ink as I write this thank you letter, I know the memories of past debts fade with it as well. Thank you, I love you.”
“Thank you Emil, Nasima, Dr. Hew Len and all who cleaned behind the scene. On the way home to Noviy Urengoy someone got very sick right on airplane. They didn’t have a doctor. I started to use Ho’oponopono tools. When we landed I asked while exiting the plane how was the person. They said he is alive and no need for medical assistance anymore. Thanks to Ho’oponopono perhaps I saved someones life. Only Divinity knows.”

My 30 year trek thru life with SITH® as my Guide and Inspiration….. One thing that has remained true is once I notice a problem and realizing this is memories replaying, I clean, meaning I use my Divinely Inspired Tools, clean, erase, erase….. moving the memories causing ‘static’ within me back to zero. Inspiration begins to move me forward. How do I recognize this? I usually don’t. Flow comes into play, no coping, no managing, no controlling. I trust this Flow is moving me forward, “For I am Peace”. As I reflect on this ‘Process’ thru the years, I find life has taken me far beyond anything I could have imagined. My health and overall energy is still strong just by asking moment by moment, what tools do I use to clean these memories and how do I proceed? I clean with which foods should I eat. I clean with feeling purposeful. I clean with my path through the day. Then I listen to my Inspiration. I am Grateful. POI X
Thank you to everyone who participated in organizing the online seminar!

We had a cleaning going on in unique virtual space and it has been as strong and powerful as in conference room during the IZI LLC workshop. The strongest point, to my opinion, is that you do not distract your attention to anything but the class. You are in the comfortable setting of your own home where everything is familiar. I took 100% responsibility for preparation of the virtual space for the seminar. These two days of the class, I have been cleaning, repeating tools: in the morning when woke up, and when sitting in the virtual classroom near the laptop, and when engaged in household chores during the breaks and in the evening after the seminar. That was my responsibility – through the cleaning to realize my maximum responsibility for the cleaning of the memories. It would be great if such online seminars will be held more and more! (start my cleansing to these events) I love you! I thank you!
From ZHoku=Pana’s Granddaughter Age 11

Can I Find Zero? Everything is out of control. We have memories together that won’t wipe away. The sky is pink our hearts are blue. It’s the most beautiful day and it’s drifting away. Can we just enjoy the sunset for once? Be together and find the love? But we are just stuck in our memories and we won’t take responsibility. We won’t clean our hearts and mind. So we are just stuck back in time, we can’t find zero. The perfect time when our minds are clear, perfect at last, but perfect is slow as molasses to come to mind and enjoy this night. Divinity is calling my name but I still feel the same. The child within me is sad and alone. He says, “I just gotta let go.” Then I started thinking of life and happiness, started to thank Divinity and me. Then a picture of my child smiling went through my mind. It was time to let go and look through Godseyes. I’m now at peace, feeling cherished and loved. The sorrow and pain has left my brain and went in a day that was sent to the heavens. Now I feel as pure as the Lady of Freedom. I have found the peace that is i and the peace in the world.
Thought you might be interested to hear some of the interesting developments in my life since returning from Dubai and continuing with Ho’oponopono cleaning. Within weeks major physical changes happened in my life. First off we received an unconditional offer for our farm and we sold the property. (something I had been trying to do for a long time). One of my daughters commented at the time that it was as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. This meant that I had six weeks to clean out 16 sheds (some very large) containing 40 years of accumulated stuff from my farming and contracting career. 90% of the stuff I got rid of leaving me with one shed of stuff I thought I needed but looking at that now I think 90% of that needs to go to, so i have not finished yet. This was a very physically demanding job taking every waking hour during the past couple of months but through it all, I just kept “Cleaning”. Whenever I started to get stuck I would hear “JUST CLEAN” and I would just keep going. Over and Over i found stuff with connections to people , places etc – “Clean, Cleanse, Release, Thank you”. Over and over I found that I had traveled full circle. I found myself at places that I had been at the very start of my career or i noticed i was putting something back, or that i was removing something that i had put there. “Clean, Cleanse, Release, Thank you” . or “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”. or I Love you, I’m Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you”. People associated with me during my career were shocked and disbelieving that i was enjoying the process. In fact, I found it very cathartic. Interestingly there is another group of people who when I tell them about my clean-out, it is as if I have given them permission to do the same. During all this a friend who works with crystals told me the sea needed cleaning. While thinking about this it came to me that the sea needed Blue Solar Water. Whenever I can, I put Blue Solar water into the sea and feel it go around the globe. The sea is interconnected all over the globe and I invite you whenever possible to clean the sea with Blue Solar Water. The sea thanks us for it. Not long after this experience, I was in Australia with my immediate family to spread my mother’s ashes at a headland on the East coast. As part of our little ceremony, I suggested if they were comfortable with it that we clean the sea with Blue Solar Water and my sister duly turned up with Blue Solar Water as per my instructions to prepare it and included it in proceedings. Immediately after our little ceremony for my mother concluded, out of nowhere a rainbow appeared, and a short while after a whale breached out into the bay, the significance of which was recognized and appreciated by all. Interestingly I find people very receptive to using Blue Solar Water. I continue to practice Ho’oponopono. There are times that I marvel at the serendipity of things and times that the business of life crowds back in and the I that thinks it knows best tries to control the outcomes. I Clean and i clean some more. I love this journey and the new and interesting people I have met along the way and strive to be open to where it is leading me.
In May of 2005, I suddenly fell ill to what I can only describe as a nervous breakdown. I don’t even know if that would accurately describe it. All I know is that my husband thought I was ready to leave the planet. For five days my heart would race at way over 100 beats per minute. I could not sleep but could only pace the floor. When I tried to sleep, I was so scared because I literally felt my heart stop. I was in a constant state of panic. My little boy was 2 years old at the time. This was when I lived in Hawaii and my current doctor was a Naturopathic Physician. I didn’t have great luck with western medicine, but when my N.D. couldn’t help me, I had no choice but to go to the ER, where I was admitted to the Psychiatric Ward. The doctors kept overloading my system with antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication, because they could not figure out what was wrong with me. I had never been a depressed person, nor had I ever taken antidepressants in the past. They insisted I was depressed and gave me dosages that I would perhaps give an elephant. From 2005-2008 I was hospitalized in a Psychiatric Unit four times. The antidepressants were not working and I kept getting worse. I wanted to leave the planet many times as I suffered excruciating emotional pain and anguish. My doctor’s solution…give her more drugs. I remember living in Boston, reading….. book about how no medication had helped her depression and how she went to Massachussetts General Hospital and had shock therapy. Living in Massachussetts, I thought it was my only way of surviving. In early 2007, I remember watching ……. introducing “The Secret” to the world on…… I felt this rush of excitement. I hadn’t felt excitement in a very long time. After the show, I drove to a bookstore and started learning how to visualize and making my wildest dreams come true. ( I could never manifest good health however, and continued to suffer.) My caveat is I did manifest my family moving to San Diego and it was thrilling, having that happen. I knew there was something way beyond anything I had ever known or been taught in the past, as our moving to SD was nothing short of a miracle. I started studying various energetic healing modalities and in early 2008, I learned of Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono. I studied and did the “cleaning” process religiously. The depression went away and I threw all of my addictive antidepressants, anti-A.D.D. and anti-anxiety medication in the trash. I haven’t taken any medication whatsoever since November 11th, 2008; currently it is January 29th, 2012. I feel like a million bucks and still do my “cleaning” even today, even as I type this. Self-I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono is immense with profound blessings, wisdom, and beauty. I hold this like a treasure, next to my heart and I am deeply grateful to God, for giving me this most sacred gift.

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